On Saturday 7th January, 2017 we will be holding our traditional Wappenshew Charity Shoot.  This is open to all members and any friends or family you want to bring with you.  No experience neccesary, anyone can have a go.  However you do need to tell us exactly who is coming and if we will need to provide a bow and arrows.  Entry fee will be £3, which includes a bacon butty.  There will be teams and prizes on some unusual target faces.  There will also be a one arrow shoot off at Rudolph's red nose.  Members will be expected to use their own equipment , if possible, but shooting barebow.  So, no sights or long rods.  Please arrive at 9.15am if you are bringing a guest who will need to be set up with equipment.  This can take ages to set up but we hope to be ready to shoot at about 10am and should be finished by 12pm.  Don't forget, please tell Kevin or Jo, if you are coming, either at the club, the King's centre, by email to  kdr.white@btinternet.com.  or best of all respond on the event Jo has set up on our Facebook page.