Don Fun Shoot 2017

We held the annual Don Fun Shoot (in memory of Don Hollick, a former member who loved Rolo chocolates) on the 23rd of September.  Six teams took to the field to try their hand at seven fun targets.  These included the usual donut, buckets and balloons but also a new target, the blind fold challenge.  The winners, the Crimpsons (Paul, Alice, Chloe and Martin)  took home the Don bucket trophy filled with Rolos of course. 

1st Crimpsons                                     450 pts

2nd King William’s Men                  378 pts

3rd Confucion                                     371 pts

4th Skin of the Teeth                       361 pts

5th No 1 team                                     236 pts

6th We are better with sights       174 pts

Highest individual score of the day: Alex 178 pts


Kevin White, CB Chairman, presented the winning team, The Crimpsons,  with the Don Hollick trophy, which was full of Rolos.

Watch out for our next fun shoot, which will be a Halloween / Bonfire Night fun shoot for charity (small entry fee) on Saturday 4th of November.  See last year's Halloween shoot photos This is the day before the Surrey Field Shoot on Box Hill, which several members are going to, so it will be good practice.