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Forms and fees

Please see the new membership fees for the current season, click here for the current fees table (from 1st October 2023). Please get your membership fees in as quickly as possible, the quicker you pay, the quicker you will receive your Archery GB card.
Please make sure your contact details up to date. If you need to inform the club about any changes to your personal information; such as a new mobile phone number, a new email address, a new home address, or additional emergency contacts then fill in the Change my details form.

There's lots more helpful information as you scroll down this page, and if you've got any questions at all, just ask a club member, they'll be happy to help.


Some of the Chessington team are now qualified coaches and are offering the opportunity to help you with your archery.
If you'd like to get some coaching from an experienced archer, click the link below, fill in your details and we'll get back to you and arrange times/dates.
Coaching request form 

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Club clothing and merchandise

There's a wide range of club gear available from iProSports. To check out the full range and order directly from iProSports, just click here

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All new club competition '252'

On the first Saturday of every month we will all shoot a scored round trying to beat the score of 252.

Starting with six sighter arrows, and then shooting 3-dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance. You score the round using the 5-zone scoring method (so 9 for a gold, 7 for a red etc).

The aim is to score more than the number shown below, to claim a badge. Start at the shortest distance and progress to the next once you have received your badge. You can shoot a 252 round at any time, but you must have another member record your score and sign your 252-score sheet as Target Captain.

Score sheets are available at the field or print out your own version from the PDF here. Completed score sheets need to be sent to Jo Biggs. The competition is open to all CB members and Rivernook members too. 

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Safety and Safeguarding

We take safety at the archery field very seriously and with more new members joining the club it is important all of us have a good understanding of the rules. Click here to read the field safety guide.

Archery GB have also put together this document entitled ‘Safeguarding and protecting children and young people’ a helpful guide that explains how we, as individuals, and as an organisation, need to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, the guide is well worth reading too.


Personal and Club records

Club Records

Personal Bests

Club score sheets

Print out your own score sheet from the PDFs below:

Worcester Round

Portsmouth Round

Bray Round

WA18m Round

WA25m Round

Chessington Bowmen 252

Members scores

Outdoor handicaps

Outdoor classifications

Indoor Season Scores

Outdoor Seasons Scores

Field Seasons Scores

Richard White Challenge

Rounds and classifications

Really helpful set of guides to the distances and classifications for each competition, and there are tabs at the bottom of each page to display Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow details too.

Other useful information

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