How to join the club

The club always welcomes new members, and to be able to join, you must have completed an Archery GB Approved Beginners Course, or you will be an experienced archer, who has been a member of another archery club, see details below the fees table.       

If you are new to archery, before applying for membership, please visit our Beginners Page and register your interest in joining one of our beginners courses. We will contact you when we will be running our next course.        

If you are or have previously been a member of an archery club in the UK (affiliated to Archery GB) or a similar club overseas, please contact our membership secretary or fill in the New Members Form. We will ask you to shoot with us before confirming your membership acceptance to assess your level of experience and understanding of safety rules.        

New members will usually be affiliated through the club to Archery GB which among other benefits ensures you have the necessary insurance cover. If you are already affiliated through another UK club, you may join as an associate member.   

Membership fees for the current season 2023/24

Club membership fees from October 1st (Please note new bank details at the bottom of the table). The fees below are for a full season October 1st to September 30th, if you join partway through the season a reduced rate will apply, get in touch for details.
Chessington Bowmen Feesjpg

Who can join the club?

  • New archers who have a Beginners Course Certificate from an Archery GB registered club (including Chessington Bowmen)
  • An experienced archer returning to the sport, subject to a safety test
  • An experienced archer coming from another country, subject to a safety test
  • An archer with a current AGB membership card showing another club as their first named club who wishes to join as an Associate member 
  • Guest who have a current AGB card can shoot without joining the club.  A small fee may be charged.

We do not recognise certificates from commercial organisations such as activity centres, holiday centres or shops. We will recommend you apply for one of our beginners courses. The club reserves the right to refuse membership to any person it considers is unsafe.


Please note that all juniors under the age of 18 are required to be supervised by a Parent/Guardian or a designated responsible adult member of the club at all times. When any junior is shooting there must always be at least two adults present, one of whom must be an experienced adult member of Chessington Bowmen, for further perental help see our parental supervision policy.

For insurance and safety reasons no member should shoot indoor or outdoor, unaccompanied, at any time.

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