Surrey Frostbite 2019 Postal League results

“And the results are in…”

Below are the Surrey Frostbite final standings with the teams in yellow winning their respective divisions.

There's two big successes for Chessington with the Juniors taking the Division 2 title and the Barebow team winning Division 3, and I'm sure they’ll be out to attempt three Divisional wins in a row next season…

The Longbow team had a hard fought season, ending up second with 6 points, to Royal Richmond. Both recurve teams will need more team members next season to triumph in their divisions, we need a really big turn-out!

Below are the final results, hope to see you all in November for the 19/20 season.

Frostbite Postal League 2019 Resultspng

Frostbite Postal League 2019 Averagespng